Luana Magalhães

I can’t stop reblogging landscape photos, guys.

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Christer Karlstad

So interesting. And gorgeous to boot.

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"Do not be sorry for your body. It is nothing to apologize or atone for.
Instead of simply labeling it as a natural disaster,
label it as a monsoon that brings powerful, beautiful changes
every season, a blizzard that destroys everything dangerous,
a volcanic eruption so loud it silences sirens.
You are not a hitchhiker heading to the wrong destination,
with an outstretched thumb only leading to mistakes.
Instead, you are a folded map with wonderful secrets
in all your obscure corners, and no one ever apologizes
for finding hidden treasures.
There’s a reason willows weep: they live life with bent backs,
with weak spines and tissue-paper bones.
But yours are still holding strong- no matter how many times
you feel as if your whole body is made of sawdust,
maybe it’s stardust instead.
And the saying about having a heavy heart may be better
than you think- because weight anchors the ship to tidal waters,
keeps it grounded and keeps it safe.
So no matter how far your heart drops or how hard it beats
against your ribcage like a hostage begging to get out,
never apologize for its stops and starts."

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